SBPC Office - 2.0
The rumours are true!
We are happy to announce that SBPC Services moved to a shiny, new and bigger office. Do not hesitate to visit us!
Our Websites Are Better Than Yours
Each of our web sites can be further developed, modified and expanded with new features as needed. We will stand by you with our Site Maintenance program, so you can be sure that your site will function perfectly and will be updated continuously by us.... not to mention that it will be amazing!
Graphic Design
Not just an Image but a Masterpiece
PC repair|upgrades
Passionate about PC Maintenance, Repairs and Upgrades
PC | Laptop | Tablet | Smartphone
Whether its Repairs, Upgrades or a Brand New Computing System, we got you covered

Services We Offer

Let’s talk about web design!
Having a website nowadays is the minimum and basic feature of your business but also creative expression of everyday people. To build a site is not as difficult as it used to be so why would you need SBPC Services?

We provide graphic services to micro and small businesses and to individual entrepreneurs who want a cost-effective but high-quality online and offline appearance for their business.

We live in a World with Billions of tech gadgets… hard to find the one we really want… thats why you need us! Our job is to drive you out from this labirinth… so Let us solve this tech mystery…

In case of a software problem with your computer/laptop, you do not have to bring the device into our service. In many cases, we can remotely solve minor setup problems.

When the latest technologies meet with creativity

Here at SBPC Services we set our goal to create an innovative and dynamically developing, independent, creative communication/computing enterprise with international experience

Thats why we never stop developing our knowledge and skill level by attending international seminars and operating at the highest technical level.

Simon says...

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Let's talk about Your Website

Let's talk about Your Website

In today’s world we will meet people online sooner than in person. So you want to look good on the…
SB DESIGN - Graphic design <br>at an advanced level...

SB DESIGN - Graphic design
at an advanced level...

“The devil lies in the details,” says the eternal saying. One of the most important details in the marketing world…
Go for New or repair the Old? ...what should you know

Go for New or repair the Old? ...what should you know

PC REPAIR Many people do not know that computers need maintenance. As we take our car for inspection, oil change,…

thanks to our services

Our clients are happier than ever!

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Who we are, and how we acknowledge ourselves?

The best answer is to be a "Creative Problem Solver"!

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