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The Soul of the design

Graphic design is the heart of most visual appearance. In a catalogue, in spite of the beautifully photographed images, the graphic design is not thoughtful and aesthetic. A business card, or even a webpage, is more easily lost amongst others if you don’t grasp the gaze.


Your goal is familiarity and increased revenue?

Think about it, do we often take a product off the shelf because it is convincing? Or do we trust a service better because the visual world associated with it is longer lasting in our memory?

It is easy to see that the result of good graphic design is profit growth.


Be different by looking pretty

A well recognisable logo, a flawlessly executed catalogue, is a well-thought-out design behind a popular website. Our company will do its best to provide you with the best services in the online and offline areas of graphic design.


100% satisfaction guarantee

It is important for us to make the graphic design workflow reliable and transparent. This way, our partners get an accurate picture of every step in the design process. We strive to ensure that our customers are always satisfied and that the end result is worthy of their business.

SB DESIGN - Graphic design at an advanced level...

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Graphic Design Portfolio
Graphic Design Portfolio SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE DESIGN | LadyLashGraphics for...
Offline graphic design
Preparation of printable materials (public posters, POS, Kappa-mounts, catalogues, spreadsheets,...
Online Web-graphic design
Images, graphics for online surfaces, e.g. post photos, photo editing

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