Go for New or repair the Old? …what should you know


Many people do not know that computers need maintenance. As we take our car for inspection, oil change, just as our computer needs continuous maintenance. Because fans work in the machine, so it collects dust inside, which can cause various errors, and slow down the performance of your computer.

It’s worth reviewing the software on a regular basis, because Windows keeps slowing down as you use the computer. Inadequate or insufficient sized or missing components may also cause a slowdown, an error message, or a system shutdown operation can be experienced.

These are quite normal phenomena, and if you cannot withstand the slowdown, give us a call!

Our goal is to find the most convenient and economical solution for your computer problem. You do not have to disassemble your computer, we will solve everything for you, as fast as possible.

Our PC service keeps basic parts in stock, so if you need something that we do not have, then we will source it for you.


| Troubleshooting, Data Recovery

Does Windows want to format a memory card or external hard drive? Does the Hard Disk Crash? You do not see the bios? Did all your data disappear? Can you not open your files? If trouble has already happened, you do not have to be despondent. There is a solution!

We can retrieve your data in countless ways, but we can only say it after testing so there is no guarantees but we will do our best.
Ask for professional help!

| Data Backup

For data security, it is a basic rule that the best and least costly solution is defence, that is, at the specified intervals of backup. If your computer suddenly crashed, would your data already be backed-up? You can safely save your data in a variety of ways: DVD, external hard drive, pen drive, etc… If you need help, contact us!

| Software maintenance

Software may need maintenance when the computer is slowing down. This can be caused by too many programs, but also because the installed programs are not configured correctly.

Do you often see annoying error messages on your PC?
There are several programs on your computer or notebook you do not need?

In many cases, the computer’s slowness is caused by incorrectly installed or unnecessarily installed programs. Properly configuring these applications or removing unnecessary ones can greatly facilitate correct and quicker operation. It is also important to keep the programs on your computer up-to-date, fresh, as software developers are continuously upgrading newer programs, additions, and bug fixes.

Prevent unnecessary PC repair and maintenance of your software using our computer service.

| Computer maintenance, cleaning

When was the last time your computer went through a comprehensive internal cleaning? You cannot imagine the amount of dust accumulating in the components. Like any investment, your computer needs constant care and maintenance. Due to thorough maintenance, errors can be prevented and PC repair costs can be saved.

It often happens that the power supply deteriorates due to the amount of dust deposited, as dust reduces heat transfer and air flow because it partially blocks the air outlet. Part of the dust may be conductive and flammable! The contamination of other parts of the computer also causes serious problems. Inadequate cooling causes overheating that may result in incorrect operation or failure of each component. Using an unstable overheated computer is running a risk of complete system wide failure and shut down.

If no cleaning has been carried out for more than 12 months, it is time to consult with our service for maintenance!

PC repair|upgrades

Go For New PC?

Let’s talk about custom PC’s,

Whether you have a large budget or small we can help you create the perfect PC to meet your needs. We can provide you with a few different quotes dependant on processing power, aesthetics, storage etc. If you have an idea in mind contact us to make it a reality.

If you want to expand your exist computer, we are happy to provide you with our expertise. We can also offer quotations for complete new computers, depending on use.

But why are you looking at us?

In general, those who have been disappointed with the product of the large chain store shelves – because they did not get what they thought – or simply want to save money by coming to us. We’ll discuss what it is you need and find you the best gadget. 

***All our Custom Built PC’s ship with 3 months parts and labour warranty for mechanical breakdown, accidental/malicious damage will incur a fee***


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