It may have happened to you that you got your new laptop, computer or printer, and when you got home, you realise that Windows is not installed … the printer’s USB cable is not included, so it’s not in the printer box … or after turning on your laptop, it is asking questions you do not know about… or you bought a new component for your PC, and you don’t know how to install it, or there is an insertion or configuration problem…

We are ready to provide remote assistance. Together we solve almost everything!

In case of a software problem with your computer / laptop, you do not have to bring the device into our service.

In many cases, we can remotely solve minor setup problems. For example, if mail does not work, does not load a program, the look of a program has changed, does not load a website properly, does not print, cannot log in somewhere, etc.

Remote Assistance means that with your consent we can log in through the Internet into your computer / laptop, we see the same picture as you, we can use the keyboard and mouse. We are not in the background, you see everything on the screen what we are doing with your computer / laptop.

There are five things we need to remotely log into your computer / laptop, without which we cannot help remotely:

  1. Turn on your computer / laptop. (If it cannot be turned on or Windows will not start, it cannot be resolved remotely).
  2. Make a working internet connection. (If there is no network or internet, then we cannot login and such problems cannot be remotely resolved).
  3. You must install the Remote Access Program (TW) on your computer. You only have to do this once, after you just have to start it with the icon on your desktop (TW)
  4. Start the Remote Assistance program (TW).
  5. Our service must enter your unique ID number and password (TW).


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