Many people do not know that computers need maintenance & repair services. As we take our car for inspection, oil change, just as our computer needs continuous maintenance & repair services. Because fans work in the machine, so it collects dust inside, which can cause various errors, and slow down the performance of your computer.

It’s worth reviewing the software on a regular basis, because Windows keeps slowing down as you use the computer. Inadequate or insufficient sized or missing components may also cause a slowdown, an error message, or a system shutdown operation can be experienced.

These are quite normal phenomena, and if you cannot withstand the slowdown, give us a call!

Our goal is to find the most convenient and economical solution for your computer problem. You do not have to disassemble your computer, we will solve everything for you, as fast as possible.

Our PC service keeps basic parts in stock, so if you need something that we do not have, then we will source it for you.


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